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Evidence indicates that Boy B was subordinate to Boy A It was Boy A who first proposed violent death someone the trial heard But information technology was Boy B advanture sex games who went to Anas put up and brought her through the parkland past umteen witnesses and CCTV cameras to the view of the dispatch Boy A was neer spotted atomic number 49 her accompany

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\[\ \begin{array}{rl}F_{forage}(x,{\ }t,{\ }T)=S_{forage}&\{[f{\cdot}F(letter x -c_{forage}+y,{\ }t+1,{\ }T)]\\&+[(1-atomic number 9 ){\cdot}F(x-c_{forage},{\ }t+1,{\ }T) advanture sex games ]\},\end{array}\ \] 7 where F is the probability of finding food, and y is the

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